Sunday, November 6, 2011

MYC Final Activity

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Assalaamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh...

Alhamdulillah…we are heading towards the FINAL WEEK!
InsyaAllah, we will commence our FINAL activity on:
Day/date: Wednesday 12 Zulhijjah 1432H / 9 November 2011M
Time: 2.00pm onwards
Venue: Dewan Muzakharah Perempuan, Masjid UBD (both Muslimin & Muslimah are invited!)
“The one piece of wealth that Allah gives to every human being is TIME.” (Nouman Ali Khan)
As a famous Muslim scholar once said, “Loosing Time is harder than death; as loosing Time keeps you away from Allah and the Hereafter, while Death keeps you away from the Worldly life and your people.” (Ibn Al-Qayyim).
Ask ourselves: have we done what we should have done with our time? Did we use our time wisely like what Allah has commanded us in His Book?
Come to this Final meeting; and bring everyone you care or just anyone you knew to share this knowledge and to remind each other upon the preciousness of Time.
Time is running out – and the Exam is looming over our shoulder. Just as the Semester is coming towards its end, likewise the MYC meeting will come to an end for this Semester. It seems only yesterday we sat together for the first time, sharing knowledge and fumbling to remember everyone’s name. The past 13 weeks just seem to fly by. However, for every meeting, there must be goodbye – but every goodbye does not mean an end to everything. InsyaAllah, the moments without MYC seating are the moments for us to rebuild our relationship with the rest of the Ummah.
Allah knows when we will meet again – and until then, please take care of your Deen and your Imaan with this one piece of wealth Allah has bestowed upon us: Time, use it wisely beloved MYCians.
Heartiest Salam for everyone,
On behalf of MYC, the Media Team

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