Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The New Beginning : Part 2

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Assalaamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh...

Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah. All praises are only to Allah, Creator of you and me, Creator of heaven and hell, Creator of pain and  happiness, Creator of love and affection.

Reminiscing back to the MYC Ice Breaking Day held last Friday reminded me to the words of Allah:

“Orang-orang beriman (mukmin) itu sesungguhnya bersaudara. Sebab itu damaikanlah (perbaikilah hubungan) antara kedua saudaramu itu dan takutlah terhadap Allah, supaya kamu mendapat rahmat.” (QS. Al-Hujurat 49 : 10)

 It was a day full of brother and sister -hood! Subhanallah! The event started with 'Brain Gym' (come for MYC to know what Brain Gym is all about!) lead by the Vice Ameer and followed by brief introduction of MYC and getting to know the AJKs of MYC this semester. Alhamdulillah!

After a short breakfast-break, the event took place at different places for games instructed by Vice Ameer and Ameerah of MYC.

'Mirror Game' - Act like a mirror to whatever your friend is doing. At the end of the game you'll reflect on acts your friend were doing. Whether you follow the good or the bad examples. It's your choice!
“Perumpamaan orang-orang yang beriman (mukmin) dalah hal kasih sayang dan rahmat bagi mereka bagaikan satu badan, apabila satu anggota menderita maka menjalarlah penderitaan itu keseluruh badan hingga dak bisa tidur (gelisah) dan panas” (HR. Ahmad Muslim)

Subhanallah! Alhamdulillah! Allahu Akbar!

Jazakumullahu khayran katheera for those who came and dropped by to our Ice Breaking Day held last Friday at DAP, UBD.

May the bond Allah blessed that day be forever held until we see each other in Jannah, insha Allah!

You are the youth!

Muhammad S.A.W said "Youth is like a spark of fire, they either burn the way or pave the way" (Narrated by Tarmidhi)

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